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Current Resident: I have lived in Weehawken for the past two years. I decided to move to Weehawken because I work in New York City, however, I do not want to .
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Also it is very close to New York City making it easier to attend my first choice schools.

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Read Reviews. Commute in all directions excellent especially to Downtown NYC. Schools are OK, and improving.

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Diversity is excellent large Portuguese, Asian, South American, wealthier immigrant population. Many new renting developments near PATH station. Red Bulls Arena in town. Best place to live if you work in downtown Newark. New parks being built as part of development. Read 18 Reviews.

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I was nurtured without witnessing racial tension and had the freedom to experience cultures vastly different from my own. It is a place where everyone lives harmoniously and deeply appreciate one another. In no other place on Earth would I be able to learn traditional dance in a ghagra choli and twirl in Garba, or greedily devour lumpia with my Filipino friends, or be taught Korean and Egyptian customs all within a few square miles.

It is rich in diversity and the public school system here has a lot to offer students. I find myself taking opportunities that most students do not have access to.

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  5. Apart from the school systems, the social life here is decent. You find yourself to get to know almost everyone here since Kearny is not that big in size. What I would like to see improve here though, is the nightlife and things to do in general. I think it lacks entertainment and I often find myself going out of town to go out and hang out with friends. But, other than that, I would say Kearny is pretty decent. Read 68 Reviews. Guttenberg is an amazing place to live.

    You wake up with a great view everyday. You are in the north of New Jersey and everything is incredibly close.

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    Guttenberg is so close to New York city "The Big Apple" that you even feel like you are living in the city too. The nightlife is something else, you can go anywhere close to Guttenberg and you will always have a great environment where you can socialize, get some drinks and have fun with your friends and family. The streets are so clean and safe during the day or really late at night. Guttenberg is one of my favorite cities in New Jersey, now I cannot imagine myself living somewhere else. Read 22 Reviews. The town has grown noticeably for the past few years from New Yorkers moving in and new eateries opening up.

    Although we do enjoy peace and quiet like the suburb when you as soon as you travel one block away from Bergenline. The rents and housing price is very affordable. Most people living here work in Manhattan or Queens due to the close proximity. They need to take into consideration of the job opportunities in Manhattan and surrounding real estate before determine whether the town is expensive to live in or not. Read 75 Reviews. The amount of different cultures that live together her e is quite amazing. Lot's of different Mom and Pop restaurants of different cuisines are on every block as well as bakeries and stores.

    The elderly always have opportunities to go out and do things semi independently with the help of countless programs set up by the town government. The kids also have a plethora of activities to take part in from sports at the towns recreation center, to different programs at school or the library.

    The school system is ok they do a lot for the younger kids.

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    It makes these areas so beautiful and peaceful. It being a small town really helps to know not just my neighbors, but the whole town. The residents are quick to lend a helping hand to even strangers.


    There are also so many different clubs, programs, and sports teams that it is impossible to be bored! However, as I get older it would be nice to have a safe hang out area for teens. Read 2 Reviews. Have been a resident since and especially over the last 10 years the changes we have seen are astonishing: More businesses are opening, lots of young highly educated business-oriented people are moving in and overall it has been evolved as a great environment to live in! Every school below received a grade of C or lower. For a full report card on each district, click the name of the district. Editors note: An earlier version of this story improperly applied a numeric ranking to schools on the list. Only grades, not ranking, apply to schools at the bottom of Niche. Lawrence County. Owen D. The U. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.